There’s a definite Lonely Planet vibe about this cover, I approve.


There’s a definite Lonely Planet vibe about this cover, I approve.

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Man Booker winner. Great cover.

Man Booker winner. Great cover.

it makes you look unkempt and like you just off of work and said “FUCK EVERYTHING FUCK EVERYTHING AND FUCK YOU” and started walking furiously to a bar but then never got there but then decided to go to a gas station and buy 4Lokos but then you realized that the Neu 4Loko lacks the caffeine that made the Originales so worthwhile (Welcome 2 Obama’s America) so you struggle with the decision to either purchase a 2 large glass bottles of malt liquor or 4 tall boys of cheap beer and you decide on the malt and just as you’re about to brownbag it on the corner next to the strip mall, the police post up because it’s closing time, so you go to the parking garage and drink one by your car and then realize that everyone is going home and passing you by heading to their cars or heading home while you look like a shlub drinking your cheap beer.
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Workers wrapped a 295-foot-long design around the Little Building’s scaffolding on Saturday. ”It’s a thousand percent improvement,” said Joe Ketner, who curates artwork for Emerson and coordinated the Little Building’s art installation project. He described the artwork, made by San Francisco-based artist Yoon Lee, as a “digital painting.”

President M. Lee Pelton stopped by the Little Building in the morning to watch as the piece was hung up. “I’m pleased,” he said, “that Emerson was able to transform a steel and wooden platform into a work of art.”

Photos by Ryan Catalani / Beacon Staff.

It’s less ugly now! Yay!

The number of times in the past 3 years that I have seen someone working on the scaffolding… 0.

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“What the ponytail?/I don’t eat snail/I steal your keys and then I check your mail”


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Sweet Baby Jesus! Next Friday, April 20, in the Greene Theater at 6pm!